Back in 1998 what first started for Mr Adrian Lim as a volunteer tutor to his neighbour’s children ignited a passion in him; a passion to teach and witness young lives being transformed and it has not stopped since. Much as they want to do well academically, he discovers that students generally do not receive adequate attention during lessons in school.

In his years of teaching, he has heard countless feedback from both parents and students – that is to say – teachers were compelled to rush through the syllabus due to a commitment on administration duties. They are also unable to slow down the pace of the learning process for weaker students in a classroom environment. Weaker students have to grapple with new concepts amidst confusion, thus deepening their dislikes for the subjects.

He decided to help underachievers gain confidence and mastery in weaker subjects.

ADcellence is thus established to provide the best group tuition in Serangoon and Sengkang.

While private tuition can be said to be expensive, primary group tuition in Singapore is affordable and allows you to connect with more people from different parts of the globe.

Delivering the best group tuition classes, you will be exposed to connecting with other bright minds and teachers; thus making the subject comprehensible. The group tuition in Singapore offers the platform for several other students to interactively engage with one another, asking useful questions that you may not have thought of, thus challenging you to be a better student. We fully recommend primary tuition classes in Singapore for students who desire more time to digest classroom subjects and those who want to study at the right pace while staying academically motivated.

Get the best group tuition in a very conducive learning environment and enjoy the best of peer-to-peer learning!

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