Mr Adrian Lim

• Curriculum Manager

• Chief Trainer

• Over 20 years of teaching experience 

• Primary and Secondary Levels 

Since his schooling years, Adrian has always knew that teaching is in his blood.

Upon graduation, he devoted himself to the teaching service and has accumulated a wealth of experience under his belt. A firm believer in never giving up on underachievers, he sets his mind and heart to help them attain their fullest potential.

Having educated hundreds of children and teenagers, it helps him to quickly identify a child’s weakness and applies suitable methodology to help him refine his work. He also walks the extra mile to build up the psychological and mental confidence of his students.

He specialises in delivering dynamic and engaging lessons across realistic and easy-to-understand explanations.

He has been instrumental in the learning journey of his students by accepting their differences and picking on their strengths. Most of his charges have achieved an improvement of two grades or more and recognised as top 10% in their cohorts.

He finds it heartening that he is still in touch with several of his ex-students, many of whom have pursued career paths that they are passionate about.

Adrian considers learning as an essential life skill and strives to pass it on to younger generations to come.