PSLE Workshop Singapore

We have all experienced the exam jitters and we aim to alleviate the anxiety from our students. Readiness and self-confidence are what your child will learn from these workshops as we deliver the best PSLE preparatory workshop in Singapore for all. PSLE preparatory workshop is specially tailored to help students overcome challenging questions by using higher-order process skills and analytical skills. Our Chief Trainer, Adrian Lim, with 18 years’ experience will be personally interacting with your children!

We simply bring to you the best recommended primary tutor in Singapore to make learning simple, fun and adaptable.

  • PSLE Preparatory Workshop (December for Primary 5 graduating in the following year)
  • June Holiday Intensive Revision (Maths) Check out Programme Features
  • June Holiday Intensive Revision (Science) Check out Programme Features
  • Follow Up Revision from July to September (Maths)
  • Follow Up Revision from July to September (Science)

Tutorial Classes

ADcellence aims to develop and enhance every student’s skill-set to prepare them for more comprehensive academic learning. We strive to assist students in developing strategies to perform as confident, independent and active learners through comprehensive tutorial classes in Singapore. Our programs and services are designed to help students respond effectively to specific academic challenges to articulate their own educational goals.

  • Primary 1 Preparatory Class
  • Weekly Tutorial Classes for Primary Levels  Check out Classes & Fees
  • Weekly Tutorial Classes for Secondary Levels

Creative Writing

When it comes to essay writing, students always find themselves struggling to pen their thoughts. They may have a myriad of thoughts and ideas but putting it into words just seems so impossible. We aim to help students overcome that obstacle and write with confidence.

We will help students get started on the basics of writing a story, including character development, setting a plot, editing and more. With our proper guidance and technique on creative writing, students will develop the skills to write creatively and effectively.

Homework Clinic

Most learning comes from practising, and homework is always an essential part for every student. ADcellence provides dedicated sessions where students of different levels can arrange with our tutor to come down to our site to ask critical questions (on designated subject) on those days where they have no tuition lessons. Students of higher grades can also take the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of what they have learnt back then.

Home Tuition

Providing parents ease and peace of mind by introducing competent and passionate educators to help their children excel in their academics. Our tutors are capable of conducting personalised and group tuition for all levels and subjects.

You may click here to send in your Tutor Request. ADcellence will search through our vast database and match tutor according to your request. Tutor’s academic qualifications are available for verification upon request. This matching process is absolutely free!

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Tutor Recruitment

Seeking passionate, committed and well-qualified tutors to come on board.

Registration is free.
Below are the eligibility criteria:

  1. At least 18 years old
  2. Minimum ‘N’/‘O’ Levels, diploma or higher qualifications
  3. Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  4. Provide images of your identity card and qualifications upon submission

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Adult Conversational Skills

Non-English speaking individuals always feel awkward when it comes to interacting to others with it. When being posed a question and unable to respond, anxiety and embarrassment set in.

We hope to provide a solution to enthusiastic learners to overcome these obstacles in their daily or workplace interaction with people. Making it easy, effective and relevant is our vision. It helps to build up confidence, self-esteem and gains employer’s good opinion on your “never stop learning” attitude. It also eases up tension and conflict with co-workers and towards better interaction and understanding.