ADcellence is offering parents reliable and hassle-free home tuition services. All services provided by us or the private tutor are subjected to the terms and conditions that are listed below. You should acknowledge and accept the following before engaging our services:


At ADcellence, we are committed to link up parents with well-qualified teachers. As much as we wish that your child benefits from the tutor, we do not ensure the tutee’s improvement in their academic results. We uphold the belief that education is a two way process between the tutor and tutee. Communication, active learning and parents play vital roles in this mission. We respect the fact that each child is unique and has different learning curve. Thus, your invaluable feedback will enhance our understanding on the learning journey of your child.

Rates and Schedule

Our professional coordinators are well-trained in this industry and promise that rates quoted to you are reasonable. Should our tutor decides to increase the discussed rate, please bring it to our attention. We discourage such unethical action and take a serious view in this matter.


Before commencing the assignment, parents are required to pay half of the first month’s fee as commission to ADcellence directly via cash, cheque or bank transfer. This will be a one-time deduction from the tutor’s monthly fee in the 1st month and a mutual agreement has been reached. So, our customers pay no more than what has been agreed on.

This should be made within 48 hours before the commencement date. If it is not fulfilled, we reserve the rights to terminate the said assignment. Upon receipt of commission to ADcellence, a receipt will be sent to your residence. Note that the fee of first month is based on the 4 active weeks of lessons, not by the calendar month.

The other half month’s fee may be paid directly to the tutor after completion of 4 active weeks of lessons. Subsequent fees should be paid directly in full to the tutor.

Any incident of dispute, confusion or inconvenience caused between parents and tutor will not be the responsibility of ADcellence.

No trial lessons are offered by ADcellence. Should you find the assigned tutor incompetent after the first lesson, you may request for a change of tutor or terminate the assignment. Balance fees, after deduction of fee applicable for the first lesson, will be refunded to your kind self. Upon confirmation of assignment, the tutor is obliged to complete at least 4 lessons without amendment to the rates or schedule. Tutor may terminate the assignment once the 4 lessons are completed. We strongly discourage such behaviors and request you to inform us of such incidents so that we may take necessary actions.

Lessons will be conducted at customer’s place.

First Lesson

Upon confirmation of assignment, you will not be able to change the schedule of the first lesson. Modifications in schedule can only be made in serious cases, e.g student is seriously ill etc. Such request should be informed to us in advance so that we can make necessary arrangements. We recommend you to check the NRIC and qualifications of the tutor on the first lesson.

Cancellation and Postponement

Clients are advised to adhere to the agreed schedule as the tutor has already reserved that time slot for you. If you must, please consult it with your tutor and final decision lies in them.


Any claims pertaining to injury, damage or loss while lessons are being conducted will not be our responsibilities. In the event of loss and damage to the property of the client, the assigned tutor will be solely responsible.


Registration is free.
Below are the eligibility criteria:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Minimum ‘N’/‘O’ Levels, diploma or higher qualifications
  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

Provide images of your identity card and qualifications upon submission

ADcellence reserves the right to reject any applicants.

Assignments and Commitment

Tuition assignments will be forwarded to the tutors via call, SMS or email. Upon acceptance of our terms and conditions, you allow ADcellence to contact you at any time.

Please note that assignments would be given on “first come, first served” basis and at our sole discretion.

Once you accept the assignments, you are required to make a commitment for at least 4 weeks of lessons. You cannot cancel any assignment until you have completed the 4 weeks of lessons. However, ADcellence and its clients reserve the right to terminate the assignment if found unfitting. Postponement and cancellation of the lessons are strongly discouraged by us. We follow up diligently with our clients on their satisfaction level of the tutors and we will filter out those who are not serious and responsible.

First impression of the tutor is of utmost importance. We discourage any sort of delays or cancellations in the first lesson. If you really need to change the schedule of the first lesson, consult the client and inform us later.

Gentle Reminders 

  • Ensure that you are familiar with the route to the client’s location.
  • Parents for all assignments expect long term commitment from you so please do not apply if you are planning for any overseas studying/ relocation.
  • No SMSing/ phone calls during lessons.
  • Do not be late or have frequent cancellation of lessons.
  • Please remember to bring along your identification document and proof of qualifications for perusal by our client.

50% of the tuition fee for first 4-weeks of active lessons will be paid to ADcellence. The rest of the dues are to be collected after the completion of the first 4-weeks of active lessons directly from client. ADcellence shall not be held responsible for any payment dispute between tutor and client from then onwards.

Below table will be applied to all cancellations of assignments within the first month.


If terminate within first 4 active weeks by ADcellence to receive Tutor to receive
Client 50% of the tuition fee for the lessons conducted 50% of the tuition fee for the lessons conducted


100% of the tuition fee for the lessons conducted nil


*Parents reserve the right to change the tutor or request of refund if found to be unsuitable or not meeting their requirements after the 1st lesson.

* Once the tuition assignment is confirmed, you are not allowed to cancel the assignment until 4 weeks of lessons are completed. If the assignment is terminated by the tutor within first 4-weeks of active lessons, there will be no compensation to the tutor.

Foul Play

We have come across tutors who made private agreement with our clients to terminate the assignment, at the expense of offering service lower than market practice. Similarly, tutors often entice the clients for early termination of the assignments with the intention of earning better commission. Such unethical acts will not be tolerated. If found to be engaged in such activities, they will be held liable in compensating the losses incurred to ADcellence and deprived of future assignments.

Conduct and Customer’s Complaints

Tutor’s conduct and integrity is very important in home tuitions. We take a serious view on complaints received from our clients. This will affect the tutor’s chance of securing future assignments.

Do Not Call Privacy & Security

ADcellence strives to maintain cordial relationships with its tutors and customers. We actively inform tutors of available assignments through various mediums. By registering with us as a tutor, you have also given your consent to receive such notices from us. If you no longer wish to receive notifications from us, you may do so by calling/SMSing to us.


Any claims pertaining to injury, damage or loss while lessons are being conducted will not be our responsibilities. In the event of loss and damage to the property of the client, the assigned tutor will be solely responsible.